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Healing Your Hijacked Brain

Addictive disorders are a chronic illness that affects not only the person struggling with the disorder, but also loved ones, friends, families, other relationships, community members, career goals and children. Advances in the fields of addiction medicine and neuroscience enhance the methods used to effectively treat addictive disorders.

ARCA has clinically applied these advances to offer the right combination of Inpatient Residential Programs & Outpatient Treatment Programs utilizing anti-craving medications and behavioral therapy producing significantly better outcomes than traditional methods.

A Treatment That Follows You Home

If you are or someone you know is seeking treatment for an addictive disorder, we understand your inner turmoil in choosing a treatment program. This is an important decision that will allow you to rebuild your career, your relationships and your life. We understand the stress that comes with multiple relapses. You want to quit, but you can’t. You have experienced the full gamut of emotions from optimism to cynicism, thinking that no matter what treatment program you attempt—it will fail. ARCA can be your solution.

Assisted Recovery Centers of America (ARCA), operating as ARCA Midwest and the Menzies Institute of Recovery from Addiction (MIRA), offers the most comprehensive continuum of treatment for sustained, long-term recovery by offering Inpatient Medical Detoxification, Inpatient Residential Treatment Programs, Outpatient Medical Treatment Programs, and Transitional Living Programs, that include:

  • Individualized Treatment Programs – each person has a unique treatment plan
  • Physician and Psychiatric Services
  • Access to our clinical staff 24 hours a day
  • Flexible scheduling for individual, group, and family counseling sessions
  • Minimal disruption of professional and personal life
  • Same-day appointments for consultation and initiation of treatment
  • Same-day medical detoxification services to relieve withdrawal symptoms
  • Transitional Living Program – community supporting each other in recovery
  • Individualized Aftercare Programs – we monitor your progress in recovery
  • Complete Confidentiality and Cost Effective Treatments
  • Joint Commission Accredited and Accept All Major Insurance

Science • Knowledge • Compassion

ARCA specializes in comprehensive treatment providing long-term relapse prevention with minimal disruption to work and family life. ARCA offers the most comprehensive, science-based treatment program that is radically different from conventional programs. Our program may well be the best option for you to attain and maintain long-term recovery and make a better future for yourself and your family. Browse the rest of our site to learn more about the Inpatient Residential Programs, Outpatient Treatment Programs and the Treatment Programs for Professionals that we currently offer at 4 locations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Job Postings & Career Opportunities

The Assisted Recovery Centers of America is hiring for multiple positions within our outpatient and inpatient facilities. Our available positions are listed with the job description and an online application. If you have experience in or are interested in the field of addiction medicine and mental health, please apply to our available opportunities.

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