Suneal Menzies, Executive Director, addresses the Heroin Epidemic in St. Louis, MO and discusses the ARCA's solutions with Jamie Allman on The Allman Report. Watch to learn more about addiction treatment options.

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A Treatment that Follows You Home

It seems logical that the only way to get help for and to break the cycle of one’s addiction is to leave the environment where the problem first started and continues to exist and to enter a standard residential program. The realization that one will be required to leave their their job, family, and home in order to get well quickly produces emotions of fear, shame, guilt, anger, and the hope that one will be able to  ‘just quit’ and get better on their own. Going away for any period of time often leads to a condition called the ‘Deprivation Effect’. Unbeknown to the patient, the everyday cues triggers that have sustained the addiction go into’ hiding’ during the residential stay, only re-emerge even more powerfully when you return home to the environment of past drug or alcohol use. The newer medications combined with behavioral therapies allow you to be actively exposed to these everyday cues and triggers protecting you from relapse. Over a period of time, these powerful cues are rendered ineffective and you regain your normal life. This is the recovery you are striving for and ARCA offers you that sustained recovery.



The ARCA philosophy is grounded in scientific evidence-based research which indicates that the most effective way to treat the disorder of addiction is through a combination of anti-craving medications paired with psychiatric and behavioral counseling care on an outpatient basis which allows for the recovery process to take place in the patient’s home and natural environment. The ARCA programs are focused on four key aspects: 1. Medical detox, 2. Anti-Craving medications, 3. Concurrent treatment of the co-occurring psychiatric disorder, 4. Sustained and individualized therapy to prevent relapses and achievement long-term recovery.


The ARCA treatment programs are tailored to the needs of each individual’s and family’s unique story. No two people are the same and no two people achieve recovery from addictive disorders in exactly the same way. At the Assisted Recovery Centers of America our treatment programs are driven by careful and ongoing assessment of your personal story. We are experts in addiction medicine and understand how other mental health disorders often go hand in hand with addictive disorders. You and your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that ARCA will continue on your journey with you as long as you need us. We provide a caring, well-trained professional team offering you state-of-the-art individualized treatment from day one to the end of the program and thereafter.


The fundamental changes that recovery provides must take place in the context of your daily life. We understand the inner turmoil that comes with thinking about getting well. This is an important decision that will allow you to rebuild your career, your relationships and your life. We understand the stress that comes with multiple relapses. You want to quit, but you can’t. You have experienced the full gamut of emotions from optimism to cynicism, and uncertain of what the futures holds. You are often blamed and faulted and all you need to do is just quit. Others don’t understand that you need the substance just to feel normal.

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