Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past fourteen years, the staff at ARCA have treated and helped rebuild patients’ lives just like yours.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that are posed by patients and families.

How Does ARCA's Treatment Program Differ from Other Programs?

We consider addictive disorders to be a chronic medical illness with a strong behavioral component. Any request for help should be treated as an emergency situation, and ARCA provides same-day appointments and medical treatment.

We medically detoxify patients to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, body aches, cramps, nausea, restlessness and irritability. We seamlessly transition you to anti-craving medications to block the cravings for alcohol or drugs.

ARCA utilizes one of the most effective relapse prevention therapies in all of our programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. ARCA provides a comprehensive, medically-based approach to the treatment of addictive disorders.

Your treatment team will include physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists.

Our treatment program is prescribed specifically to the individual needs of each patient. That is why ARCA offers the full spectrum of outpatient treatment services from medical detox to programs lasting as long as six months.

You will have peace of mind knowing that ARCA will be on your journey with you regardless of where you are in the recovery process.

What Can I Expect at ARCA?

You can expect a caring, well-trained professional team offering you state-of-the-art individualized treatment from day one to the end of the program and thereafter.

Each member of our team works with you to achieve your goal of long-term recovery.

You and your family members have access to our treatment team at the treatment center on weekdays and over the phone or by e-mail 24 hours a day.

Choices, flexibility, privacy, compassion and our knowledgeable staff make all the difference.

Why does ARCA use Medications?

Science has shown that substances and drugs have an amazing ability to change the chemistry of the human brain… we call this the “Hijacked Brain”.

Medications are critical in order to control the biology of the disease and are used in the ARCA program to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, reduce or eliminate cravings, and to treat psychiatric and co-occurring symptoms.

The ARCA approach considers ‘cold turkey’ detoxification as inhumane, which may compel the patient to discontinue treatment.

The detoxification medications provide relief from the withdrawal symptoms, and protection from potentially life-threatening effects like seizures.

Medications are equally critical to blunt the cravings that can reoccur during treatment. When cravings are effectively controlled, the patient, maybe for the first time, is able to engage in long-term recovery through individual, group, and family counseling.

What are some of the Medications Used in the ARCA Program?

The medications used by the physicians at ARCA are all FDA-approved and have proven to be highly effective and safe.

Medications including Naltrexone, Acamprosate, SUBOXONE®, VIVITROL®, CHANTIX® have been specifically approved for the treatment of addictive disorders while other medications like Ondansetron, Topiramate, Amantidine, Buspirone and Modafinil, although not specifically approved for the treatment of addictions, have been found to effectively curb cravings.

How Does ARCA Measure Success?

Addictive disorders impact the patient and the patient’s family in multiple ways.

Measuring success is not just helping patients get off the alcohol or drugs.

At ARCA, we measure success by looking at several parameters including sobriety, family and social relationships, work and educational functioning, and developing support in recovery.

Does ARCA Work with Insurance Companies?

Please call 314-645-6840 now to check coverage and learn about our programs covered by your insurance.

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