Addiction Treatment Programs

The ARCA addiction treatment programs are radically different than past addiction treatment protocols, and are grounded in science.

For too long, patients impacted by addictive disorders have had very limited treatment options as a result the outcomes were shockingly poor. To add insult to the injury, the failure was blamed on the patients.

Medical detoxification combined with appropriate anti-craving medications, relapse prevention counseling, and psychiatric services offer treatment in the natural home environment of the patient. This integrated addiction treatment approach is now referred as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

In the past fourteen years, thousands of ARCA’s patients have successfully overcome addiction and put their lives back together.

ARCA is acutely aware of the complex nature of the treatment of addictive disorders, particularly in the early stages of recovery and upon completion of the formal treatment program.

Missouri is facing an alcohol and heroin addiction epidemic and ARCA’s Addiction Treatment Programs may be the solution for you or your family. Learn more about ARCA’s addiction treatment programs:

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