Introduction of Telemedicine



Over the past 5 – 7 years, the Heroin Epidemic has exploded at a national level…in part due to the availability of the drug in the rural and underserved areas. Telemedicine was a natural offshoot of MAT, which now allows those in rural and underserved areas to receive the same level of medical and psychiatric care, essential for MAT.

Some of the Benefits of Telemedicine are:

  • Ability to serve those who would otherwise not have access to care

  • Allows states to overcome the shortage of providers

  • Forces all disciplines to work together which creates a holistic and comprehensive approach

  • Some of the Requirements for a successful Tele-Med Program are:

  • Robust IT Infrastructure

  • Knowledgeable and well trained medical staff (physicians and RN’s)

  • Buy-in from the staff and community being served

  • Strong and Open Communication – regular staffing of clients

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team/Approach – must bring the medical and psychosocial components of treatment together through an acceptance of common and evidence-based modalities


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