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Part 3: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Percy Menzies of ARCA

St. Louis, MO – Percy Menzies our President and founder of Assisted Recovery Centers of America was recently interviewed by Close Up Radio Part 3 of his 4-part interview series is below.

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R Willis
R Willis
May 06, 2022

There are 4 main problems with naltrexone;

  1. It's generic and has no support from the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, some companies will disparage it whenever they can.

  2. It's difficult for providers to grasp how they can build a profitable treatment program around it, especially compared to. buprenorphine

  3. Patients have to detox before going on it

  4. It won't address withdrawals or cravings...and some patients don't think they can handle either But it is a remarkable medication that could literally be saving thousands of lives per year.

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