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Let our team help you virtually!

Same Day/Next Day

  • Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT)

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Psychiatric Support

  • Peer Support

  • Licensed Therapist

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Is tele-health a good fit for you?

By leveraging the power of
tele-health providers can
increase their caseload without
the burden of traveling
long distances

Sound evidence shows
tele-health leads to
improved outcomes and higher
patient satisfaction.

Serving those who would otherwise not have access to care by providing medical and psychosocial components of treatments from the convenience of where they are located.

Telemedicine is well-suited for patients seeking help for substance use disorder, psychiatric and behavioral services.

Telemedicine significantly increases both the access and convenience for patients who otherwise may not seek treatment, especially in rural areas where medical services are hard to find. Telemedicine not only allows patients to seek treatment on a timely basis but allows for follow-up visits, resulting in patient retention in treatment. Healthcare providers can now reach patients in widely diverse geographically areas without the patient having to travel long distances. The reduced travel times allows treatment providers to see patients at more convenient times like mornings and evenings, which works well for patients who are working. Telemedicine is very cost-effective and can be offered in a variety of setting ranging from residential treatment facilities to patient’s home. ARCA is committed to using this service as an integral part of treatment.

Patients get seen in days, not weeks

Tele-health is as effective as in-person care

Meeting patients where they are

Answering The Call For Rural and Non-Rural Missourians 

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