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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Program Differ from Other Programs?

We consider addictive disorders as a chronic medical disease with a strong behavioral component. Any request for help should be treated as a crisis and ARCA provides same-day appointments and medical treatment. We medically detox patients to provide relief from withdrawal, anxiety, restlessness, etc., and seamlessly start you on anti-craving medications to block the cravings for alcohol or drugs. One of the most effective relapse prevention therapies is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is utilized at ARCA.


What Can I Expect at ARCA?

A caring well-trained professional team offering you state-of-the-art individualized treatment from day one to the end of the program. Each member of the team works with you to achieve your goal of long-term recovery. You and your identified family members have access to our treatment team at the clinic on weekdays and via phone or email 24 hours a day.


Why Medications?

Medications are critical during the detox process. ARCA considers ‘cold turkey’ detox as inhumane which may compel the patient to discontinue treatment. The detox medications provide relief from the withdrawal symptoms and protection from potentially life-threatening effects like seizures. Medications are equally critical to blunt the cravings that can reoccur during treatment. When cravings are effectively controlled the patient becomes more engaged in long-term recovery through individual, group, and family counseling.


What are some of the Medications Used at ARCA?

The medications used by the physicians at ARCA are all FDA-approved and have proven to be highly effective and safe. Medications including naltrexone, acamprosate, SUBOXONE®, VIVITROL®, CHANTIX® have been specifically approved for the treatment of addictive disorders while other medications like ondansetron, topiramate, amantadine, buspirone, and modafinil, although not specifically approved for the treatment of addictions, have been found to effectively curb cravings.

Do I Need to Take these Medications for the Rest of my Life?

The medications used presently are radically different from the older medications like Antabuse and methadone. These medications are neither non-addicting or have a very low abuse potential and are generally taken for a 3-6 month period – long enough for the brain to heal from the effects of the drugs and alcohol. Some medications can be taken for a longer time to protect the patients from relapsing.


How Do You Measure Success?

Addictive disorders impact the patient and their families in multiple ways. Measuring success is not just helping patients get off the alcohol or drugs. At ARCA we measure success by looking at several parameters including sobriety, family and social relationships, work and educational functioning, and developing recovery support.


How Does ARCA Work with Insurance Companies?

The intensity and duration of treatment offered at ARCA does not fit the requirement imposed by insurance. We do not place any limits on the individual, group, and family sessions and psychiatric visits, and these services are offered for the full six-month duration. ARCA however will provide an itemized bill for you to claim reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement is based on the type of policy and the services used.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Problem with Alcohol or Narcotics Like Pain Pills, Heroin?

This self-assessment is not designed to serve as a replacement for a medical or psychological
evaluation or diagnosis. It is meant to help give you an idea of whether or not drugs and/or alcohol
cause problems in your life.

So, if this assessment raises new questions in your mind or if you answer yes to any of the questions
below, we encourage you to call us at (314) 645-6840 for a more in-depth consultation.

1. Is drinking/using making your home life unhappy?
2. Does your drinking/using make you careless of your family's welfare?
3. Do you drink/use because you are shy with other people?
4. Is drinking/using affecting your reputation?
5. Do you drink/use to escape from worries or trouble?
6. Do you drink/use alone?
7. Have you lost time from work due to drinking/using?
8. Has your ambition decreased since you started drinking/using?
9. Has your efficiency decreased since you started drinking/using?
10. Is drinking/using jeopardizing your job or business?

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