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Prescription drug monitoring program coming to Missouri.

Two of ARCAs own are featured authors in Social Work Today Magazine

Aaron M. Laxton, MSW, LMSW, and Chase A. Martinson, BSW, CPS  are featured in Social Work Today Vol. 21 No. 3 P. 6 for a piece they co-authored called "Social Workers as Peer Support Specialists" we welcome you to check out the article here.

Supportive Friend

Laxton, Aaron M, and Chase A Martinson. “ Addictions Advisor: Social Workers as Peer Support Specialists.” Addictions Advisor: Social Workers as Peer Support Specialists - Social Work Today Magazine,

Listen to episode 37: Opioid Settlements & The Future of Addiction Treatment featuring Dr. Rottnek

See the full article here

“Episode 37: Opioid Settlements & The Future of Addiction Treatment.” Www.Slu.Edu, © 1818 - 2021 SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY, 19 Aug. 2021,

ARCA- Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Partnership

When homelessness, mental illness, and substance use

demand a crisis response.

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Aaron M. Laxton, MSW, LMSW

Community Behavioral Health Liaison

Substance Use Disorder & Medication-Assisted Therapies

Percy Menzies, our President here at Assisted Recovery Centers of America had the pleasure of joining Genoa Healthcare’s Kevin O’Connell, RPh, vice president of sales, and Lindsey Hall, PharmD, senior director of clinical programs to discuss the causes of addiction. As well as treatment options to reduce opioid use and the role of integrated pharmacy in MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment)

Prescription drug monitoring program coming to Missouri.

Fred Rottnek, M.D. (Family and Community Medicine) was interviewed on KMOV-TV Ch. 4 and KCTV5 News about the passage of a statewide prescription drug monitoring program. Click on View More to see the latest news article/video. 

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Answering the call for Rural and Non-Rural Missourians

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No one should have to wait for addiction treatment!

In the 20 years, ARCA has expanded to meet the demand. Initially, services started in St. Louis City. Working with the Department of Mental Health, services were expanded to rural Missouri. Now, driven by the data and the need, we are focusing on communities with treatment deserts, assisted by the faith communities.


In 2020, we launched our street outreach program which was highly effective in engaging and retaining individuals seeking addiction treatment. ARCA is working with community partners to share technology and best practices for their programs. We have moved into the technical assistance role.

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Welcome Center

The Welcome Center seeks to humanize those living with addiction, and to make treatment attractive.

  • Opens March 15 Located at 1430 Olive in Downtown St. Louis

  • Proven Concept based off our current clinical practices

  • Low Barrier Access

  • Dedicated Interdisciplinary Team Able to accommodate walk-in's at a much higher rate.

  • Will work in tandem with our on-site pharmacy, GENOA.