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Mission, Vision, & Values


Assisted Recovery Centers of America provides compassionate, interprofessional, and innovative care to promote healing and thriving for individuals, families, and communities.


ARCA will strive to promote healing and health by recognizing the individual needs of each person served. ARCA will provide evidence-based treatment encompassing medical, psychiatric, and behavioral therapies designed to help patients attain long-term recovery and back into thriving members of society. ARCA will provide these services through a high-trained and compassionate workforce to respond to the multidimensional needs of our patients.


  • Welcoming, accessible, responsive services

  • Flexibility to maintain work, school, and family life

  • Providers who understand the need for a relationship

  • Inclusiveness is founded upon the inherent worth and dignity of every member of the community, with respect and appreciation for diversity of opinions, preferences, and life choices

  • Delivery systems that integrate physical and behavioral health care

  • Accountable, transparent stewardship of the public’s trust

  • Strong organizational partnership, and leadership across the community’s many networks of services and supports, both public and private


Call (314) 645-6840
Text 'ARCA' to 66-866
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