North St. Louis Outreach

“A Mission to Advance Equity and Build Community Trust in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services”

Assisted Recovery Centers of America (ARCA) was established in 2001 as the region’s premier center for mental health and addiction treatment services. Since its early years, ARCA has worked closely with community partners to provide compassionate and innovative care to promote healing and thriving for individuals, families, and communities.


In direct response to the lack of effective treatment of mental health and addictive disorders for African American and minority other historically under-resourced communities, ARCA reimagined service delivery, mobilized its workforce, and acquired the necessary resources to meet people where they live, work, play, and worship. While work was underway with Refuge & Restoration in North St. Louis County and City to expand mental health and addiction treatment, COVID-19 again magnified the inequities faced by many of our region’s African American other historically under-resourced communities.


ARCA’s vision for the innovative mobile treatment unit stems from recognizing these historic inequities in accessing treatment and our desire to create solutions for and with the community. The mobile treatment clinic supports efforts to combat the region’s mental health and addiction crisis by providing free comprehensive treatment three times a week at locations determined by ARCA’s faith-based partners.  The mobile team is comprised of certified peer specialists, therapists, nurses, and prescribing providers, many of whom live in the same communities. The mobile treatment clinic provides a real-time entry point into addiction treatment services, harm reduction services, such as the opioid overdose reversal agent, naloxone, and other health prevention, education, and navigation services.  The key to the mobile unit is the provision of entry into health care; ARCA staff and community partners will provide navigation for people for continuity of care services at local established health care partner programs.  


Acting in partnership and with the guidance of community, ARCA is facilitating a fresh grassroot approach to health in partnership with Refuge & Restoration, and supported by Prevent Ed, the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and Saint Louis University to provide real-time access to mental health and addiction treatment.

How do patients feel about the services they receive at ARCA? 

Watch the video and see Mr. Eric Payne a patient at ARCA sharing his feelings on his treatment at ARCA, and how medication-assisted treatment has played a critical role in his success.


Jubilee Community Church
4231 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63107

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00 am – 5:00 pm in the office at Jubilee Community Church



  • Refuge & Restoration

  • PreventED

  • Saint Louis University

  • Missouri Department of Mental Health

  • H.E.A.L.

  • Preferred Family Healthcare

  • Places for People

  • Jubilee Community Church

  • UCC St. Peter's Church

  • Child & Family Empowerment

  • ChurchHouse Ministries

  • Agape Fellowship Center

  • Living with Purpose

  • Community Clergy Partnership (27th ward)

  • St. Patricks Center

  • Queen of Peace

  • Local Faith Communities


  • ARCHway

  • St. Kolby Puckett Center for Healing

  • Salvation Army

  • Center for Life Solutions


Our Mobile Treatment Clinic Delivers Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services

Whether you are seeking treatment for the 1st or the 5th time, you will find that our program offers a unique, comfortable, and individualized approach to your care.


We look forward to serving you!

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Acting in partnership with your community, the R&R, PreventEd and ARCA mobile unit is staffed with Peer Support Specialists, Therapists, Nurses, Prescribing Providers, and all of the supplies needed to provide the following services:

  • Addiction Treatment

  • Medical Detox and Stabilization

  • Mental Health and Psychiatric Services

  • Counseling and Therapy Services

  • Access and Referrals to Medications, Food, Housing, Transportation, and other services.

  • Services are FREE and at no charge to the patient or family.


“A Vision to Advance Equity and Build Community

Trust in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services”

Reality, Equality, Equity, Justice.jpg

What has brought us to this point?

  • Street outreach 2020

  • Leadership of the faith community

  • Scaled up telehealth operations due to COVID 19 Pandemic

  • Work already being done in the community.

  • Commitment from MO Department of Mental Health to fighting the opioid epidemic.

  • Frightening and unacceptable stats in African American Communities - 56% increase from Jan – June 2019 and 2020

Thank you to PreventED and the Missouri Department of Mental Health for making this all possible!

After being invited by the community ARCA best positioned itself to assist the faith-based community in treatment deserts.  

ARCA Positioned in Community.png
Treatment Deserts.png

Photo Gallery

Check out some of the photos below showcasing the various outings we have had with our Mobile Treatment Center. Be sure to check back often we'll be adding new photos all the time! 

It truly was a great day Thursday.  We are so pleased to be in partnership with ARCA and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship as we serve our neighborhood.  The need is so great, but we will make progress as we work together in this challenge.  Many, many people will be able to come out of the devastating control of these addictions and traumas into a much better place of growth and flourishing.  Thank you SO MUCH for what you and your father and your team is doing at ARCA.