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Naltrexone – A Great Strategy to Cut Down on Drinking During the Holidays

Alcohol consumption goes up considerably during the holidays. The ‘holiday’ season begins around Thanksgiving and end on Super Bowl Sunday! What can be done to maintain sobriety or cut down on drinking? There is a cost-effective strategy – naltrexone pills. Naltrexone was approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcoholism in 1994. Naltrexone is the ‘ideal’ medication to cut down on drinking or if you are struggling to maintain your sobriety, naltrexone can be the rescue medication.

How can you obtain naltrexone? Since it a non-schedule drug, your physician can write you a script. If the physician is not familiar with the drug, download relevant article and share with him/her. There are several telemedicine portals which offer naltrexone. Naltrexone cannot be used if you are taking an opioid; however, it is a safe medication otherwise.

Keep a supply of naltrexone – a good strategy to curb holiday excesses.

Percy Menzies, M. Pharm. is the president of Assisted Recovery Centers of America (ARCA), an integrated treatment center for addictive disorders and mental health based in St Louis. He can be reached at:

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