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Six Month Addiction Treatment Program

The six-month program fee covers typical member fees for all services (see below), injection fees for Vivitrol, the convenience of scheduling, program availability 6 days a week at multiple locations, access to the crisis line, unlimited group session, ad-hoc therapy as needed, and therapeutically identified.

After successful completion of the program and maintaining sobriety access to on-going support groups continue. If there is an absence greater than 30 days between group sessions, you will lose the privilege of attending aftercare group therapy.


It will be ARCA’s responsibility to bill your insurance for all services. There is not a guarantee of insurance coverage through the program.

Medication costs are separate from the program.

As stated previously, addiction is a brain disease that is life long and each person’s treatment is unique: however, it is found that most individuals find more success, as well as our clients, have found to benefit most from over a six (6) month period of time with the following services.

Physician / Psychiatrist / Psychiatric NP – Regular visits: (8 visits)

  • Initial H&P

  • 2 week follow up

  • 4 week follow up and repeated until the end of treatment

Nursing Consultation – Every 4 weeks (8 visits)

  • Initial Nursing Assessment

  • 1 week follow up

  • 4 weeks follow up and repeated until the end of treatment

Urine Drug Screens – A UDS is done for every Physician, Nursing, and Therapist visit (approximately 41)
Therapist – weekly (25 visits)
Group Therapy and Education – a minimum of 3 times per week (no less than 72 visits)
Family Therapy – as needed, depending on the support system
Family Education / Support Group – Weekly (25 visits)
Medical evaluation / follow up with an Advanced Practice Nurse – quarterly (2 visits)
Access to 24/7 crisis support

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