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Company Timeline

2021 ARCA opens a welcome center offering on-demand treatment, minimal wait times and a full interdisciplinary team.


2020 Scaled up online/telehealth inductions leading the region and sharing protocols. Deployed Licensed Social Worker, MD, and CPS to                  community settings. March-August 8,700 virtual visits were completed. 


2020 Offices continued to stay open after the 1st confirmed COVID patient. Front line staff triage and assess clients needing MAT.


2020 Innovative Response to COVID-19 March, ARCA implemented contingency management and issues emergency protocols.


2019 ARCA becomes a training partner with SLU.


2018 ARCA provides direct admit via SOR. Rich collaboration developed with SLU by hiring Dr. Fred Rottnek.


2017 ARCA works with the Department of Mental Health to increase access to care via telehealth services. 



2015 ARCA Initiates exploration of the national growth plan.


2014 ARCA integrates electronic medical records and billing program.


2014 ARCA opens a satellite outpatient clinic in Farmington, Missouri.


2013 Mr. Menzies opens two sober-living houses, Kaizan Properties, in St. Louis for males.


2012 Initiates process to open MIRA, the Menzies Institute of Recovery from Addiction, a 25-bed inpatient unit treatment center in St. Louis


2010 ARCA establishes a state-certified modified detox program for state-funded patients and received the highest certification from the                    State of Missouri (CSTAR).


2009 ARCA opens a second outpatient clinic in St. Louis in a 4500 sq. ft. space. Mr. Menzies consulted with Alkermes to launch the sustained-            release preparation of naltrexone (Vivitrol).


2003 ARCA moves into a medical office building in a 2500 sq. ft. space. Continued to offer outpatient services and consulted with Mallinckrodt,            Reckitt Benckiser, and ATTC. Expanded the clinics by taking on an additional 4000 sq. ft. space.


2001 Mr. Menzies opens ARCA, an outpatient treatment center in a 1200 sq. ft. office space.


2000 Mr. Menzies takes early retirement from DuPont Pharmaceuticals after 18 years of service.

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